bluesky.plans.ramp_plan(go_plan, monitor_sig, inner_plan_func, take_pre_data=True, timeout=None, period=None, md=None)[source]

Take data while ramping one or more positioners.

The pseudo code for this plan is

sts = (yield from go_plan)

yield from open_run()
yield from inner_plan_func()
while not st.done:
    yield from inner_plan_func()
yield from inner_plan_func()

yield from close_run()

plan to start the ramp. This will be run inside of a open/close run.

This plan must return a ophyd.StatusBase object.

inner_plan_funcgenerator function

generator which takes no input

This will be called for every data point. This should create one or more events.

timeoutfloat, optional

If not None, the maximum time the ramp can run.

In seconds

take_pre_data: Bool, optional

If True, add a pre data at beginning

periodfloat, optional

If not None, take data no faster than this. If None, take data as fast as possible

If running the inner plan takes longer than period than take data with no dead time.

In seconds.