First verify that you have Python 3.6+.

python3 --version

If necessary, install it by your method of choice (apt, Homebrew, conda, etc.).

Facility-Specific Distributions

We plan for facilities that rely on databroker to provide software distributions that bundle databroker itself and specific Catalogs for their users. We will list those distributions here. For users, this will be their one-stop shop; they need read no further.


General Installation

This provides a minimal installation that is sufficent for users who just want to access data.

python3 -m pip install -U databroker

Administrators and developers may require the optional dependencies as well, which can be installed by:

python3 -m pip install .[all]

Development Installation

git clone
cd databroker
pip install -e .

To install all the optional dependencies as well, use:

pip install -e .[all]