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Ophyd is Python library for interfacing with hardware. It provides an abstraction layer than enables experiment orchestration and data acquisition code to operate above the specifics of particular devices and control systems.

Ophyd is typically used with the Bluesky Run Engine for experiment orchestration and data acquistion. It is also sometimes used in a stand-alone fashion.

Many facilities use ophyd to integrate with control systems that use EPICS , but ophyd’s design and some of its objects are also used to integrate with other control systems.

  • Put the details specific to a device or control system behind a high-level interface with methods like trigger(), read(), and set(...).

  • Group individual control channels (such as EPICS V3 PVs) into logical “Devices” to be configured and used as units with internal coordiantion.

  • Assign readings with names meaningful for data analysis that will propagate into metadata.

  • Categorize readings by “kind” (primary reading, configuration, engineering/debugging) which can be read selectively.


pip install ophyd


pip install -c nsls2forge ophyd

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