Example Stand-alone Qt Application

We ship some examples to illustrate what it is possible to build from this library’s components.

Stand-alone example Qt application for searching Data Broker:

python -m bluesky_widgets.examples.qt_search

Launched from IPython, either by using --gui=qt to launch the Qt application:

pip install ipython
ipython --gui=qt
from bluesky_widgets.examples.qt_search import Searches
s  = Searches()

or using a context manager to launch the Qt application:

from bluesky_widgets.examples.qt_search import Searches, gui_qt
with gui_qt("example"):
    s = Searches()

Stand-alone example Qt application for viewing a run:

python -m bluesky_widgets.examples.qt_run_tree_view

This component expects a run to be passed into it, and will then display a tree view summarizing the contents of that run. To run this in an IPython console:

pip install ipython
ipython --gui=qt
from bluesky_widgets.examples.utils.generate_msgpack_data import get_catalog
from bluesky_widgets.examples.qt_run_tree_view import RunTree
tree = RunTree()
tree.run = get_catalog()[-1]

Embedding Components in Existing Applications


Search embedded in napari as dock widget:

pip install napari[all]
python -m bluesky_widgets.examples.napari_dock_widgets


Search embedded in PyFAI as a dialog box:

pip install pyFAI
python -m bluesky_widgets.examples.pyFAI_dialog


The Search component is proposed to be part of core Xi-CAM, replacing a widget with similar functionality and appearance but different internals.

Planned Integrations

The authors of bluesky-widget plan to integrate with the following open source projects using whatever extension mechanisms they offer, and working with the maintainers of these projects if they are interested.

More welcome!