classmethod Broker.named(name, auto_register=True)[source]

Create a new Broker instance using a configuration file with this name.

Configuration file search path:

  • ~/.config/databroker/{name}.yml

  • {python}/../etc/databroker/{name}.yml

  • /etc/databroker/{name}.yml

where {python} is the location of the current Python binary, as reported by sys.executable. It will use the first match it finds.

Special Case: The name 'temp' creates a new, temporary configuration. Subsequent calls to Broker.named('temp') will create separate configurations. Any data saved using this temporary configuration will not be accessible once the Broker instance has been deleted.

auto_registerboolean, optional

By default, automatically register built-in asset handlers (classes that handle I/O for externally stored data). Set this to False to do all registration manually.