Run linting using pre-commit#

Code linting is handled by black, flake8 and isort run under pre-commit.

Running pre-commit#

You can run the above checks on all files with this command:

$ tox -e pre-commit

Or you can install a pre-commit hook that will run each time you do a git commit on just the files that have changed:

$ pre-commit install

It is also possible to automatically enable pre-commit on cloned repositories. This will result in pre-commits being enabled on every repo your user clones from now on.

Fixing issues#

If black reports an issue you can tell it to reformat all the files in the repository:

$ black .

Likewise with isort:

$ isort .

If you get any flake8 issues you will have to fix those manually.

VSCode support#

The .vscode/settings.json will run black and isort formatters as well as flake8 checking on save. Issues will be highlighted in the editor window.