Contributing to the project#

Contributions and issues are most welcome! All issues and pull requests are handled through GitHub. Also, please check for any existing issues before filing a new one. If you have a great idea but it involves big changes, please file a ticket before making a pull request! We want to make sure you don’t spend your time coding something that might not fit the scope of the project.

Issue or Discussion?#

Github also offers discussions as a place to ask questions and share ideas. If your issue is open ended and it is not obvious when it can be “closed”, please raise it as a discussion instead.

Code coverage#

While 100% code coverage does not make a library bug-free, it significantly reduces the number of easily caught bugs! Please make sure coverage remains the same or is improved by a pull request!

Developer guide#

The Developer Guide contains information on setting up a development environment, running the tests and what standards the code and documentation should follow.