Contribute to the project#

Contributions and issues are most welcome! All issues and pull requests are handled through GitHub. Also, please check for any existing issues before filing a new one. If you have a great idea but it involves big changes, please file a ticket before making a pull request! We want to make sure you don’t spend your time coding something that might not fit the scope of the project.

Issue or Discussion?#

Github also offers discussions as a place to ask questions and share ideas. If your issue is open ended and it is not obvious when it can be “closed”, please raise it as a discussion instead.

Code Coverage#

While 100% code coverage does not make a library bug-free, it significantly reduces the number of easily caught bugs! Please make sure coverage remains the same or is improved by a pull request!

Developer Information#

It is recommended that developers use a vscode devcontainer. This repository contains configuration to set up a containerized development environment that suits its own needs.

This project was created using the Diamond Light Source Copier Template for Python projects.

For more information on common tasks like setting up a developer environment, running the tests, and setting a pre-commit hook, see the template’s How-to guides.