async ophyd_async.core.set_and_wait_for_value(signal: SignalRW[T], value: T, timeout: float = 10.0, status_timeout: float | None = None) AsyncStatus[source]#

Set a signal and monitor it until it has that value.

Useful for busy record, or other Signals with pattern:

  • Set Signal with wait=True and stash the Status

  • Read the same Signal to check the operation has started

  • Return the Status so calling code can wait for operation to complete

This function sets a signal to a specified value, optionally with or without a ca/pv put callback, and waits for the readback value of the signal to match the value it was set to.

  • signal – The signal to set and monitor

  • value – The value to set it to

  • timeout – How long to wait for the signal to have the value

  • status_timeout – How long the returned Status will wait for the set to complete


Example usage:

set_and_wait_for_value(device.acquire, 1)