ophyd_async.core.set_signal_values(signals: Dict[str, SignalRW[Any]], values: Sequence[Dict[str, Any]]) Generator[Msg, None, None][source]#

Maps signals from a yaml file into device signals.

values contains signal values in phases, which are loaded in sequentially into the provided signals, to ensure signals are set in the correct order.

  • signals (Dict[str, SignalRW[Any]]) – Dictionary of named signals to be updated if value found in values argument. Can be the output of walk_rw_signals() for a device.

  • values (Sequence[Dict[str, Any]]) – List of dictionaries of signal name and value pairs, if a signal matches the name of one in the signals argument, sets the signal to that value. The groups of signals are loaded in their list order. Can be the output of load_from_yaml() for a yaml file.