Ophyd async is included on a provisional basis until the v1.0 release and may change API on minor release numbers before then


class ophyd_async.epics.pvi.PVIEntry(sub_entries: Dict[str, Dict[int, PVIEntry] | PVIEntry], pvi_pv: str | None = None, device: Device | None = None, common_device_type: Type[Device] | None = None)[source]#

Bases: object

A dataclass to represent a single entry in the PVI table. This could either be a signal or a sub-table.



sub_entries: Dict[str, Dict[int, PVIEntry] | PVIEntry]#
pvi_pv: str | None = None#
device: Device | None = None#
common_device_type: Type[Device] | None = None#