Mixin classes that customize the filestore integration of AreaDetector FilePlugins.

To be used like so

from ophyd.areadetector.detectors import PerkinElmerDetector
from ophyd.areadetector.plugins import HDF5Plugin
from ophyd.areadetector.trigger_mixins import SingleTrigger
from ophyd.areadetector.filestore_mixins import (

class MyPlugin(HDF5Plugin, FileStoreIterativeWrite):

dest = '/tmp'  # in production, use a directory on your system -- not /tmp

class MyDetector(PerkinElmerDetector, SingleTrigger):  # for example
    file_plugin = MyPlugin(suffix='HDF1:', write_path_template=dest)

det = MyDetector(...)


new_short_uid() uuid4, skipping the last stanza because of AD length restrictions.
new_uid() uuid4 as a string
resource_factory(spec, root, resource_path, …) Helper to create resource document and datum factory.


FileStoreBase(*args, write_path_template[, …]) Base class for FileStore mixin classes
FileStoreHDF5(*args, **kwargs)
FileStoreHDF5IterativeWrite(*args, **kwargs)
FileStoreHDF5Single(*args, **kwargs) This FileStore mixin is used when running the AreaDetector hdf5 plugin in Single mode (ie.
FileStoreHDF5SingleIterativeWrite(*args, …) Used for running Areadetectors hdf5 plugin in Single mode, with point_number in the kwargs.
FileStoreIterativeWrite(*args, **kwargs) This adds ‘point_number’ to datum_kwargs.
FileStorePluginBase(*args, **kwargs)
FileStoreTIFF(*args, **kwargs)
FileStoreTIFFIterativeWrite(*args, **kwargs)
FileStoreTIFFSquashing(*args[, …]) Write out ‘squashed’ tiffs