data_shape(val) Determine data-shape (dimensions)
data_type(val) Determine the JSON-friendly type name given a value
fmt_time([tstamp]) simple formatter for time values
raise_if_disconnected(fcn) Decorator to catch attempted access to disconnected EPICS channels.
record_field(record, field) Given a record and a field, combine them into
records_from_db(fn) Naively parse db/template files looking for record names
set_and_wait(signal, val[, poll_time, …]) Set a signal to a value and wait until it reads correctly.
split_record_field(pv) Splits a pv into (record, field)
strip_field(pv) Strip off the field from a record
validate_pv_name(pv) Validates that there is not more than 1 ‘.’ in pv
waveform_to_string(value[, type_, delim]) Convert a waveform that represents a string into an actual Python string


AlarmSeverity An enumeration.
AlarmStatus An enumeration.