add_rois(range_, **kwargs) Add one or more ROIs to an MCA instance


EpicsDXP([prefix, kind, read_attrs, …]) All high-level DXP parameters for each channel
EpicsDXPBaseSystem([prefix, kind, …])
EpicsDXPLowLevel(*args, **kwargs)
EpicsDXPLowLevelParameter([prefix, kind, …])
EpicsDXPMapping([prefix, kind, read_attrs, …])
EpicsDXPMultiElementSystem([prefix, kind, …])
EpicsMCA(*args, **kwargs) mca records with extras from mca.db
EpicsMCACallback([prefix, kind, read_attrs, …]) Callback-related signals for MCA devices
EpicsMCAReadNotify(*args, **kwargs) mca record with extras from mcaReadNotify.db
EpicsMCARecord(*args, **kwargs) SynApps MCA Record interface
Mercury1([prefix, kind, read_attrs, …]) DXP Mercury with 1 channel example
MercuryDXP(*args, **kwargs)
ROI(prefix, *[, read_attrs, …])
Saturn([prefix, kind, read_attrs, …]) DXP Saturn with 1 channel example
SaturnDXP(*args, **kwargs)
SaturnMCA(*args, **kwargs)
SoftDXPTrigger(*args[, count_signal, …]) Simple soft trigger for DXP devices