Bluesky Data Collection Framework#

Bluesky is a library for experiment control and collection of scientific data and metadata. It emphasizes the following virtues:

  • Live, Streaming Data: Available for inline visualization and processing.

  • Rich Metadata: Captured and organized to facilitate reproducibility and searchability.

  • Experiment Generality: Seamlessly reuse a procedure on completely different hardware.

  • Interruption Recovery: Experiments are “rewindable,” recovering cleanly from interruptions.

  • Automated Suspend/Resume: Experiments can be run unattended, automatically suspending and resuming if needed.

  • Pluggable I/O: Export data (live) into any desired format or database.

  • Customizability: Integrate custom experimental procedures and commands, and get the I/O and interruption features for free.

  • Integration with Scientific Python: Interface naturally with numpy and Python scientific stack.

How to Use This Documentation#

Start with the Tutorial. It’s a good place to start for everyone, and it gives a good overview of the project in a narrative style. Read as far as you need to solve your problem, and come back again if your needs change. Each section of the tutorial adds a piece of complexity in exchange for deeper customization.

The remaining sections document bluesky’s behavior in a less narrative style, providing clear API documentation intermixed with some examples and explanation of design and intent.