Ophyd async is included on a provisional basis until the v1.0 release and may change API on minor release numbers before then


class ophyd_async.core.DirectoryInfo(root: Path, resource_dir: Path, prefix: str | None = '', suffix: str | None = '')[source]#

Bases: object

Information about where and how to write a file.

The bluesky event model splits the URI for a resource into two segments to aid in different applications mounting filesystems at different mount points. The portion of this path which is relevant only for the writer is the ‘root’, while the path from an agreed upon mutual mounting is the resource_path. The resource_dir is used with the filename to construct the resource_path.

  • root – Path of a root directory, relevant only for the file writer

  • resource_dir – Directory into which files should be written, relative to root

  • prefix – Optional filename prefix to add to all files

  • suffix – Optional filename suffix to add to all files



root: Path#
resource_dir: Path#
prefix: str | None = ''#
suffix: str | None = ''#