tiled.client.from_config(config, structure_clients='numpy', *, username=None, auth_provider=None, api_key=None, cache=None, offline=False, token_cache='/home/runner/.cache/tiled/tokens', prompt_for_reauthentication=None, headers=None, timeout=None)[source]

Build Nodes directly, running the app in this same process.

NOTE: This is experimental. It may need to be re-designed or even removed.

configstr or dict

May be:

  • Path to config file

  • Path to directory of config files

  • Dict of config


From config file:

>>> from_config("path/to/file.yml")

From directory of config files:

>>> from_config("path/to/directory")

From configuration given directly, as dict:

>>> from_config(
                    "path": "/",
                    "tree": "tiled.files.Node.from_files",
                    "args": {"diretory": "path/to/files"}