Source code for tiled.structures.sparse

import enum
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional, Tuple, Union

class SparseLayout(str, enum.Enum):
    # Only COO is currently supported, but this lays a path
    # for adding other layouts like CSC, CSR, etc. in the future.
    COO = "COO"

[docs]@dataclass class COOStructure: chunks: Tuple[Tuple[int, ...], ...] # tuple-of-tuples-of-ints like ((3,), (3,)) shape: Tuple[int, ...] # tuple of ints like (3, 3) dims: Optional[Tuple[str, ...]] = None # None or tuple of names like ("x", "y") resizable: Union[bool, Tuple[bool, ...]] = False layout: SparseLayout = SparseLayout.COO # TODO Include fill_value? @classmethod def from_json(cls, structure): return cls( chunks=tuple(map(tuple, structure["chunks"])), shape=tuple(structure["shape"]), dims=structure["dims"], resizable=structure.get("resizable", False), )
# This may be extended to a Union of structures if more are added. SparseStructure = COOStructure