tiled.client.from_uri(uri, structure_clients='numpy', *, cache=<UNSET>, username=<UNSET>, auth_provider=<UNSET>, api_key=None, verify=True, prompt_for_reauthentication=<UNSET>, headers=None, timeout=None, include_data_sources=False)[source]

Connect to a Node on a local or remote server.


e.g. “http://localhost:8000

structure_clientsstr or dict, optional

Use “dask” for delayed data loading and “numpy” for immediate in-memory structures (e.g. normal numpy arrays, pandas DataFrames). For advanced use, provide dict mapping a structure_family or a spec to a client object.

cacheCache, optional
usernamestr, optional

Username for authenticated access. If UNSET, use default if available (typically, the most recently used).

auth_providerstr, optional

Name of an authentication provider. IF UNSET, use default if available (typically, the most recently used). If None and the server supports multiple provides, the user will be interactively prompted to choose from a list.

api_keystr, optional

API key based authentication. Cannot mix with username/auth_provider.

verifybool, optional

Verify SSL certifications. True by default. False is insecure, intended for development and testing only.

prompt_for_reauthenticationbool, optional

If True, prompt interactively for credentials if needed. If False, raise an error. By default, attempt to detect whether terminal is interactive (is a TTY).

headersdict, optional

Extra HTTP headers.

timeouthttpx.Timeout, optional

If None, use Tiled default settings. (To disable timeouts, use httpx.Timeout(None)).

include_data_sourcesbool, optional

Default False. If True, fetch information about underlying data sources.